About Us

Nothing stands still; as the world of technology and finance evolve, so should our understanding of it. Each profession tends to have its own "language" of terms that tend to make it intimidating to newcomers. Making complex concepts easy to understand is what we do best.

Expert in Finance is your trusted advisor in navigating through the complexity related to the following areas:

  • financial planning & analysis (investment & business underwriting);

  • financial modeling (model build and validation);

  • credit & company review for debt financing

  • deal structuring (debt & equity);

  • payment due diligence in structured finance / securitized transactions (waterfall and priority of payments);

  • strategy in approaching lenders & investors.

We are Visionaries. We are Experts. We are Your Dream Team.

Viktoriya Koreneva

Managing Director

Viktoriya is a former Wall St. executive with a unique combination of skills in financial risk management, securitization and regulatory compliance, and  cryptocurrencies/ blockchain. Viktoriya has structured over $45 billion of deals and worked on regulatory projects with such global companies as KPMG, Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York, Wells Fargo, Citibank among others. She has an MBA in Finance coupled with an excellent track record of leading high profile financial engagements with Fortune 100 companies for over 13 years.

Joseph Pickett

Creative Director

Joseph is a copywriter and editor with 15 years of experience in writing about mortgages, finance, real estate, education, personal injury, and search engine optimization.

Subject Matter Experts


We invite experts in different industries to deliver the best content and consulting services to our clients. Years of experience in the financial industry has led us to accumulate valuable contacts in financial and other areas. They are here to share their practical knowledge be it in the form of  online content or via a direct face-to-face consulting engagement.
If you are an SME in  cryptocurrencies, blockchain, ICOs, please E-mail us at: welcome@expertinfinance.com