Asset-Backed Securities & Securitization

The awakening of the securitization market in 2015 re-established the need of financial institutions to comply with the new and existing regulations, as well as the perform collateral due diligence, waterfall review and disclosures' requirements and analysis of pre-and post- closing transactions.


Securitization Services

  • Training Solutions (ABS, CMBS, RMBS);
  • Structural Analysis & Legal Document Review;
  • Asset Level Review & Collateral (Loan Level) Due Diligence;
  • Cash Flow Analysis & Model Review;
  • Post-Closing Due Diligence & Payment Priorities Analysis (Waterfall) ;
  • Investor Reporting & Disclosures Review.


Financial Regulation & Compliance:

With many new regulations that came out in the past 10 years, financial institutions have been working on devising compliance programs and implementing regulatory initiatives such as Dodd-Frank (Volcker Rule), US Basel III, Credit Risk Retention, Regulation AB 2.0.


Regulatory Services:

  • Online Training Solutions (Volcker, Basel, Risk Retention Rule);
  • Controls' Assessment & Policy Documentation;
  • Regulatory & Operational Risk Due Diligence;
  • Credit Risk, Market Risk & Operating Risk Assessments.


Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies:

Blockchain technology revolutionizes the traditional way of recording and consummating transactions. Familiarity with the current changes in FinTech industry and how Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies impact capital markets is becoming essential for businesses and individuals alike.


Blockchain Services:

  • Online Training Solutions (Cryptocurrencies);
  • Crypto Market Analysis;
  • Alternative Cryptocurrency Research;
  • Regulatory Overview of Crypto Markets.